Gold Rush – A Short Horror Story

No one thought there would be gold in the mines. The miners had been digging there for years, and not once had there been a piece of gold between the coals. That was, until James Carlson came along. He was the one who had found the first piece.


It had been small, for certain, but James knew he wasn’t mistaken. This small, gold colored stone was his way to fortune. He had hid it in his pocket. He couldn’t tell the other miners. They would be all over him, demanding a piece as well. He couldn’t have that. Seeing he found it, it belonged to him now. Not to them.

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The Dollhouse – Short story

‘Honey, look what I found!’ Anna was called by her mum, who was cleaning the attic.

She ran upstairs, and was greeted by a huge dollhouse. It was beautiful.

It had two stories, and was painted white. The doors and windows were light blue, and the fence was painted a nice shade of lilac. Small rose bushes covered the fence and a green mailbox. A small tree with a swing-set stood in the garden. The outside alone was rather detailed, and Anna smiled.

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Church bells were ringing when Lucy had woken up. Slightly startled, and even more slightly confused she found herself sitting up straight. She frowned, not knowing where the ringing came from. After all, the nearest church was over a mile away. She looked at her alarm, and saw it was only midnight. Shaking her head, and deciding it must have been a dream, she laid down again and tried to fall back asleep. Still, she felt uneasy. She had the feeling several pairs of eyes were watching her every breath. She held her new necklace in her hand, a gift from her grandmother, and steadied her breath.

‘It’s absolutely nothing’, she mumbled. ‘Keep yourself together Lucy.’ She closed her eyes, started to doze off when…

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The Game

It took some time, to get used to my new place, but finally, after a year, it began to feel as home.

The white room in which I laid had finally started to become familiar. I began to recognize the cracks in the walls, the way the sunlight shone on the floor. I became familiar with the shadows painted on the walls.

My home consisted of only one room, my room. It was quite large and white. The only furniture in the room was a bed. In one of the corners of the ceiling there was a speaker that played music during the day. The door was yellow, and was made of iron.

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