It took some time, to get used to my new place, but finally, after a year, it began to feel as home.

The white room in which I laid had finally started to become familiar. I began to recognize the cracks in the walls, the way the sunlight shone on the floor. I became familiar with the shadows painted on the walls.

My home consisted of only one room, my room. It was quite large and white. The only furniture in the room was a bed. In one of the corners of the ceiling there was a speaker that played music during the day. The door was yellow, and was made of iron.

Then there was the rest of the world. Outside my iron door there was a street with seventeen other doors. Every door had a different colour, but I liked mine best. The Street was quite… empty. There were no trees or lanterns. But it was a street, and it was my street. Home.

Three times a day I went to the plaza, which was at the end of the road. Everyone always came together there, to eat, to drink or to have a chat. Sometimes there were some… strange individuals. They claimed they spoke with ghosts, and some even fought them. I knew better of course, there were no such things as ghosts, and certainly not here.

Every night, just before my light went out, there was this old lady, who came to visit me. Each time she asked me the same questions. Whether or not I had had a nice day, and if I felt okay. After that she always gave me some medicine. Why I don’t know. For as far as I know, I’m not ill.

When the lady left, I was all alone in my own little home. The white walls slowly turned into grey, and grey turned into black. I laid on my bed, and stared at the ceiling when I heard a voice.

’Hey’, the voice said. I didn’t move. Where could this voice be coming from? My door didn’t open. Was the person already in the room?

’Who’s there?’ I asked. My voice was shaking a little.

’You know how I am, love. You’ve always known.’ I smiled, realizing who was speaking. ’So, you’re back?’ I asked. It was an old friend of mine, Silen was his name. When I was younger, we were always together, playing games or creating our own fantasy worlds. He had moved away around the time I moved in here.

’Yes. Do you remember the game we used to play?’ I nodded. Of course I remembered. How could I forget? I can remember the screams, the laughter…

’I want you to finish it.’

’Finish it? After all this time?’ I asked, slightly surprised. I sat up, trying to see where he could be standing.

’Don’t you remember? The fun? The promise you made me? Just one more move, and we can be together again! Don’t you want that?’

’Of course I do, Silen,’ I said, remembering the thirteen moves I had to make, before I could be like him, and stay with him. ’Is it really just one more move?’

’Yes. You know what you’ve got to do right?’ I nodded.

’How could I forget?’ I heard his laughter. It sounded like the wind playing with the leaves that had fallen down during an autumn storm. I stood up, and walked to my door.

’Will you be watching me?’ I asked.

’If you insist. Here,’ I heard a soft clicking noise, and my door swung open, ’you can lead the way.’ I walked out of my room, barefooted, and listened to the silence. In the distance I saw a light.

’Go there,’ Silen told me, ’and make the thirteenth move.’

I nodded, and walked towards the light. I saw the old lady that always visited me, with a cup of tea. I knocked on the window. Not much later the lady came outside. ’What are you doing out of your bed, dear?’ she asked.

’I want to play a game’, I whispered, a wicked smile playing on my face.

’A game? You know what? If you go back to your room, I will play a game with you tomorrow.’

’NO! Please, just one game? A short one. After that I will go back home!’ The lady sighed. ’Oh, alright dear. Do you want some tea?’ I nodded, and followed her into her room.

’Grab something, and do it, Amaranth… I believe in you’, I heard Silen say. I nodded. A chandler stood on the table, and I reached for it. The cold metal felt nice against my warm skin. After we played a card game, I was brought back to my home. I stood hesitantly in front of my door. ’What is it, dear?’ the old lady asked.

’Can… can I get a hug before I go back to sleep?’ I asked innocently. The lady smiled, and gave me a hug. When she let go of my, and turned to walk away, I swung the object at her head. She fell to the ground, as a rag doll left by a child.

’I’m proud of you’, Silen said. Suddenly I saw him standing next to me. He wore a white coat, had messy black hair, and red eyes. He gave me a warm smile.

’Come with me,’ he grabbed my hand and pulled me along. I followed him, towards the end of the street, to the plaza.

Behind us I heard people screaming. Why did they scream? Couldn’t they see that I was happy? Couldn’t they see my friend?

People came running towards us. I felt hands on me, thousands of hands, trying to pull me back. This time I screamed.

’Let me go!’ I hissed. I had to go, I had to be with Silen. I didn’t see him anywhere.

I was dragged away by several men, towards the other end of the street. I’d never been there. I saw some rail, and an endlessness of darkness behind it. In this darkness I saw Silen. ’Come to me, Amaranth’ I heard him scream. I struggled, trying to break free. Finally, after what seemed to go on forever, I managed to grab the rails.

’Silen, help me’, I begged. I wasn’t strong enough to go to him.

’Just close your eyes, and breath’ I heard his voice beside me. I did as he said, and leapt forwards. I heard people screaming, and yelling. I didn’t yell nor scream. I smiled, as I fell into the arms of Silen.

The longer I fell, the more faint his touch became. ’Silen?’ I asked, and opened my eyes. There was no one. All I saw, was a stone floor coming closer and closer.

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