This song, composed by Sam Bakker and written by me, Luna Hamelink is inspired by Andrew Lloyd’s Webber musical The Phantom of the Opera, and the novel written by Gaston Leroux. We performed this in the Oosterpoort, for our music exam, on 10/12/18.

It was nice to do this performance with Sam Bakker, we worked really hard on this, and it was quite a success!


Lyrics The Phantom’s Sorrow:

In the moonlight we danced

Said our prayers to the night

Let the music take our souls

To the phantom of the night

To join him in a moonlit sky


The graves are empty

The music is gone

Won’t you remember

The times we sang our song


When we’re dancing

For forever between the stars

Now have we become

Strangers of our own despair


Drown in the seas

No longer there

Act like a phantom all your life

Don’t you care


Hide behind a façade

But don’t you see

The tears in the seas

Won’t be coming from me


Death waits for me in a dull white suit

Has packed all my sins

Takes me away from here,

Away from you


Takes me away to where the music plays

Where you make the music of the night

Where the dream between the nightmare stays


Find me in your soul

Let the music take control

The phantom is there

Takes me down to his core

Guided by music I adore

Shows me all I want to see

Till I drown in ecstasy


I’m here inside your mind

Join me in a moonlit sky

Hear the music of the night


Drown in the music

Hear me scream

The Phantom is there

Down into the sea


Join me between the stars

Where the magic plays

Tricks on our hearts

Where the love survives

In a moonlit sky





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